This is a list of our 2017 Speakers:



Public Speakers:

Jimmy Tebeau-Former Owner at Camp Zoe / Former Bass MS&JGB

Timothy Tyler Timothy Tyler Freedom Foundation - 2016 Pres. Obama Clemency Recipient

NJWeedman aka Edward Forchion - Activist & Friend of NY Harvest

The REAL RADIO RAHIM, Hip Hop Pioneer, - CEO- Cosmic JoyEntertainment

Rob Robinson - Founder Damn Sam, NY Harvest & Legal In Our Lifetime

Edward Grimes - Sativa Cross: Ignorance Is No Excuse Potcast - NJ Cannabis Activist

Michael Galipeau, Founder and Pres. Rhode Island User’s Union

Barry Lucas - WLPP 102.9 FM Palenville, NY PHAT Coffee JOINT

Burton Aldrichi - OUAD Medical Marijuana Patient / Activist

Rich Moroski - MS Medical Marijuana Patient / Activist

Kurt Shotko - @Common Sense Revival - Anti-Frack Report

Doug Bledsoe - Activist & Friend of NY Harvest

Trapper Flynn - Activist & Friend of NY Harvest

Scott Allen Meek Stephens – New World Order / World Peace 2020

Chewy - Activist & Friend of NY Harvest

Lots More Coming Soon!


Plus More TBA


Come enjoy mother natures own psychedelic fall foliage at FULL PEAK in beautiful upstate NY!  


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